Oro&Co is the London-based design studio of Creative Director Debi Ani. We are a handpicked team of expert artisans and innovators who specialise in luxury brand design, providing a friendly and approachable hand-held service throughout the process. Recognized for our outstanding craft, intuition and meticulous detail, we create world-class brand identities, bespoke logos, custom websites and design for print for discerning clients in all sectors and all over the globe.

We strive for perfection with integrity and clarity, aspiring to a world where everything is considered and thoughtful. We invest in our clients as our clients invest in us and are dependable partners on your unique journey from beginning to forever. We are privileged to have created brand identities and websites for high profile visionaries and tastemakers from the worlds of fashion, retail, architecture, finance, automotive and global humanitarian leadership, including Diana Ross, Belma Gaudio, Mikimoto, David Downton, Rose Villa Saigon, Kirstie Allsopp and our inspiration, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, also known as ‘Amma’.


Just 30 years ago, there were just three websites which were only accessible via academic computer networks. Today, there are approximately 1.8 billion websites and 5 billion people with internet-ready smartphones. If your luxury brand is to make an impression in today’s hyper-connected world, the company you choose to design the way your website looks — the user interface or UI — is critical. At Oro&Co we instinctively know how to convey luxury on screen and create beautiful UI design for clients of distinction in London and around the world.

Creating beautiful UI design. A beautiful user interface expresses your brand’s unique vision and visual identity, creating desirability and differentiating your website from millions of others. Excellent UI is built on a foundation of good brand assets — your logo, colour palette — overlaid with high quality imagery, thoughtful words in a clearly laid out structure with cross platform fonts and good use of negative space. All these elements, each performing their specific function are expertly woven together in harmonious and visually pleasing digital layouts.

Designed to hold the attention of the visitor, a good user interface subtly and elegantly guides their journey to action in the most intuitive way. A successful site is your shopfront and more than the aesthetics. The user experience (UX) must be seamlessly incorporated for the user interface (UI) to be truly beautiful. Sophisticated built-in navigation along with logical placement of design elements such as calls to action and easy access to information influence a sense of congruence. The impact of an effective UI and UX is nothing less than a close and continued relationship between your user and your brand.

Enhance your UI with Oro&Co. A beautiful UI is the combining of an effective message, expert branding and smooth interaction with elegant imagery and beautiful typography. Oro&Co weave emotion into UI design for image-conscious luxury brands and high-end businesses. Call us to discuss your dream project.